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In My Alabama Taxes (MAT), you can make a single payment for a specific account for a specific tax period. There is no limit to the number of payments that you can make in a single logon session.


MAT accepts payments in the form of ACH withdrawals from your bank account. Payments must be made from US banking institutions. Click here to learn more about ACH withdrawals.


Where Do I Start?

Depending on which window you are currently viewing, you may need to do the following:

What Do I Do?

  1. On the Accounts tab, view the My Accounts sub-tab.

  2. Click the account ID hyperlink for the account you would like to make a payment on.

  3. Depending on whether the period requires attention or not, you can either:

  4. Click the Pay hyperlink for the period on which you want to make a payment.

    Note: In some cases, after clicking the Pay hyperlink you will be directed to a Select Payment Type window. Select the hyperlink of the type of payment you wish to make.

  5. The payment window opens.

  6. Be sure to verify the payment amount.

  7. Click the Submit button.

  8. An authorization window opens requiring you to authorize the payment transaction. Enter your password in the Password field, then click Yes.

  9. A confirmation window shows you the details of your payment and your confirmation number. Click the Print Confirmation button if you would like to print a copy of the confirmation; click OK to close the confirmation window.

  10. You can view your payment requests by clicking the Requests tab and then clicking the Waiting to be Processed sub-tab.